The momerable World Refugee Day 2017

World Refugee Day was last Tuesday (20th June) and we were privileged to honour the elderly refugee community by holding a ‘throwback’ event to their youth, by playing old Burundian, Congolese and Somalian music and having a good ol’ dance!

Inspirational advice on running a business and money management

June 20, 2017 in Cape Town

The day started with some life skills session. Ms Patricia and Mama Bebe gave some inspirational advice on running a business and money management. Some highlights from their speeches include:

1) Separate your money from business money.
2) Use any surplus money you earn to give back to the country you now call home.
3) Believe you can do it. Don’t let age discourage you.
4) Stock belongs to the business and is not for your private use.
5) Keep records for everything that goes in and out.

Ms.Patricia imparting words of wisdom to elderly refugees

June 20, 2017 in Cape Town

The day continued with a plentiful lunch and vinyl music from the olden days. Feeling well replenished, there was then a talent show where we invited everyone up for a dance and singalong. We were delighted that many got involved and had a great time boogying away. The best dancers were voted on and awarded t-shirts as prizes as a memento of the day!

Nail for the lovely ladies who attended the World Refugee Day

June 20, 2017 in Cape Town

Throughout the day, ladies enjoyed nail painting by Amazi nails, who pampered our guests by offering luxury manicures and cuticle care.